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Post-harvest solutions for for all size growers and processors

Python Industries is a leading provider of high quality equipment at the most affordable prices in the industry.

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Protect your people with our safe bladeless trimmers: gentle, quiet, and low  maintenance. Reduce your labor costs with our complete post-harvest automation systems.

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"I'd say it's a monumental amount of savings in time labor, efforts, stress, and trimmers that don't need lunch breaks. It's a very easy, all-in-one machine made for all kinds of purposes. Whether you're making extracts or if you have anything that's leftover, this is basically he1lplng you make something out of nothing, where everything is useful."

Mike Lackey, Owner Emerald City Gardens, Concord, CA

"This is a bladeless trimmer for manicuringi dry grass. Amazing. You know the labor it takes to hand trim. This eliminates that. There's no blade cutting the bud. You lose very few trichomes when you do it this way. Everybody loves it. The company has been growing really fast and there's only one reason. People really like the equipment that they produce."

Ed Rosenthal, Cannabis Guru and Renowned Author

"We bought 2 of the 1900 series and it was the best. We used the centurion pro and your products beat them all! Thank you."

Justin from VA

"I'm very excited! The Tom's concept is super! We have gone through some other trimmers - Tom's is money well spent. It doesn't destroy the bud."

Chuck from NM

Direct Sales and Services

At Python Industries, we get rid of all the bells and whistles, which means you don’t have to deal with any middlemen to get what you need to process your grow. We sell directly to you and to wholesalers all around the world

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Superior Quality

With bladeless trimmers, you get gentle, hand-trimmed quality on your flower without the intense cleaning or long downtimes.

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Made in the USA

Being based in the USA means we understand the ins and outs of the industry - even as it changes.

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Customer Service

You can be sure to get premiere customer service and speak directly with our founder and inventor, Tom. No automated messages or robots. Plus, we provide same-day or same-week shipping on all our units.

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It’s time to save.

You can’t afford to wait. Once your product is dry, you need to get it trimmed and out the door ASAP. We can help. Get in touch with our team today.

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Why Growers Choose Python Industries (formerly Tom’s Tumble Trimmer)

Our main priority is serving growers of any size. With affordable, no-nonsense machinery, you can get to market on time and under budget.

  • Get access to a full-line up of equipment including bladeless trimmers, sorters, grinders, bucking machines, deleafers and cryogenic live resin/kief machines.
  • Achieve hand trimmed-quality product with our bladeless trimmers and save 70% of your trimming costs
  • Get same-day shipping on most products and a great customer service experience